Winzz Casino Review

Winzz Casino Review

50 free spins + no deposit

Winzz Casino is a brand new and exciting internet casino website that just launched last year. If you’re expecting an up-to-date and highly advanced casino then you’re in for quite a big treat as Winzz Casino is exactly that and much more. The design on this fantastic site is simply superb and you’ll be amazed not only by how beautiful it looks but how well everything works and just how easy it is to browse and locate everything you want, and how quick it is to load and unload.

You’ll be able to easily withdraw your winnings with the new Winzz Casino

withdraw winnings at winzz casino

This is an extremely important feature for any online casino that wants to encourage people to play there. Online casinos must always make sure that they don’t leave their customers with empty wallets. So, what can you expect from this new feature? First of all, you will be able to withdraw your winnings through credit cards.

To get this special feature you’ll need to register with the website of the Winzz Casino. Once you’ve done so you’ll find out how much of your winnings you can use. This is done via an online form and you’re given the chance to upload images of your winnings and how much you’re left with to transfer to your bank account. The software providers offering the online casinos also have support for PayPal.

The whole Winzz Casino website is designed to make online gambling enjoyable. To encourage first-time visitors to the website, the owners provide free bonuses every month. These bonuses can be used to play as many tables as you wish. But to take advantage of these bonuses you need to make your first deposit. There are also progressive jackpots on offer at the Winzz Casino. These progressive jackpots increase every day but you won’t know the exact amount that will be awarded to you until you place a deposit. As long as you make your first deposit there is no way that you’ll be missed out on a wonderful progressive jackpot. At the Winzz Casino, you can get a good idea of what the jackpots are before you start playing so you’re always one step ahead of the game.

A great feature of the casino that is proving popular with players is the loyalty program

With the loyalty program, players can make instant deposits into their online accounts for free when they deposit at least one Euro. There’s no need to worry about a bank transfer fee because the charges are taken out from your bank account. As a great way to kick off your new Winzz Casino membership, there’s absolutely nothing better than the ability to make instant cash deposits straight from your account without any fees to pay.

The loyalty scheme goes further than making instant deposits though. Players have the opportunity to choose their preferred table games after making their first deposit. For example, if they like slots then they can choose to play the traditional slots games on board. However, if they prefer another game on offer then they can choose it from a wide range which includes other popular table games such as Keno, Video Poker, Blackjack, and Slots. If players wish to play the same game on each computer then they can choose to play the same game on each computer by selecting the ‘switch game’ option.

The site has all of the latest and greatest internet slot and video slots software providers at its disposal. These are some of the most cutting-edge software providers available and if you’ve not played before you’ll be blown away by the technology at play on Winzz Casino. Take for example the new video slots – we won’t mention any names but there’s plenty to review on the Winzz website if you’re interested. For example, Microgaming has just released its latest offering of free games on board. This means that if you like classic video slots such as the Beauty Blaire or the Big Shot you’ll love this latest addition to the slots universe.

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